2023-07-03 GENERAL HOUSE

Project closure “Igniculus: Montagne stories today”

¡Igniculus: “Montagne stories today” comes to an end on a note of gratitude and success! Over the past year, the Year of Marist Vocations, this video sequence has captivated people around the world, sharing the powerful story of the encounter between St. Marcellin and the moribund child Montagne.

With a total of 47 videos, including the testimonies of Laypeople and Brothers from the different Marist Provinces around the world and who, at some point in their vocation and path, have felt the “spark”, has transported us through transformative real-life experiences. Each testimony has shown how St. Marcellin’s encounter with Montagne changed forever the lives of those who crossed his path. These stories have reminded us of the importance of finding a deep purpose in our lives and have illuminated the path towards discovering the gift of the Marist vocation.

Since its launch in May 2022, Igniculus videos have been shared and viewed in every region and continent. People from different cultures, languages, and traditions have come together to celebrate and reflect on the relevance of the Marist vocation in today’s world. This video sequence has been a concrete initiative to care for and generate Marist life and has demonstrated the power of storytelling to inspire and connect people.

Throughout the Year of Marist Vocations, which began in May 2022 and culminated this June 2023, “Igniculus: Montagne stories today” has been a constant companion and a source of inspiration for those who follow the Marist dream. Each video has reminded us of the importance of living with compassion, empathy and dedication, following the example of St. Marcellin.

It was a collaborative initiative of The Secretariat of Laity and Brothers Today, who express their gratitude to all the participants of the videos, who shared their personal stories with courage and generosity. Their testimonies have shown that the experience of Marcellin and Montagne is still relevant in our time. The message of compassion and vocation transcends borders and unites people around the world.

All videos will remain available on our YouTube channel and also on this page.


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