Project in Aleppo – Syria

Marist Global Family Fund Projects

Project in Aleppo – Syria

Date of Approval: Oct 20, 2020 / Completed

Donor: Marist Global Family Fund for Humanitarian Emergencies

Project Manager: Br. Georges Sabé

Objective: Food distribution

Beneficiaries: 1000 displaced poor families including widows, widowers and children

Amount: 15,000.00€


Six hundred and seventy-one people displaced by the war in Syria benefited from the “Global Marist Family Fund Humanitarian Emergencies” in November 2020 through the Food Distribution Project carried out by the Blue Marists at Aleppo. Brother Georges Sabe, the project coordinator, has expressed satisfaction and gratitude to the General Administration of the Marist Brothers for making it possible for them to reach out to the displaced families and give them food.