2024-02-23 CHAD

Project in Koumra empowers women through sewing school

To empower adolescent girls and young women, the Marist Champagnat Cultural Center in Koumra, in Tchad, Province of West Africa, launched the project “DYAN KE HO RON TOG”. It aims to improve the living conditions and socio-economic integration of adolescent girls and young women aged 14 to 30, who lack education, face severe poverty, and are at risk of trafficking. The project not only provides income-generating opportunities but also offers a genuine chance for redemption and societal participation.

The initiative involves establishing a Sewing School at the Marist Champagnat Cultural Center in Koumra, offering 9-month courses for 30 girls and women in each training cycle. Additionally, a tailoring lab and two shop points will be set up for the creation, production, and sale of clothes and other tailoring items, including those made from recycled fabrics. The training comprises three progressive 3-month modules, including entrepreneurship skills, with practical lessons five days a week for six hours a day. Basic literacy and numeracy courses will be provided initially for beneficiaries with limited or no school attendance.

The project encourages collaboration among beneficiaries, fostering personal and community resilience. Trained women will mentor other groups facing difficulties. The income from selling products will improve their economic situation and support the project for additional beneficiaries.

The project promotes community and solidarity, emphasizing local tailoring production and creative reuse of materials. It aims to enhance girls’ creativity, self-esteem, and initiative, offering locally made products at affordable prices, thereby increasing the community’s buying power. The project recognizes the value of each girl and woman as a positive resource for the community, contributing to development and rights enhancement.

FMSI supported the Mission in the design, implementation, and reporting of the project. Misean Cara has funded 75% of the costs of this project.

About Misean Cara

Misean Cara, consisting of 77 members, supports missionaries globally, drawing on Ireland’s missionary heritage to empower the most marginalized. Their focus includes education, health, sustainable livelihoods, and human rights in over 50 countries. Since 2004, Misean Cara has provided funding, mentorship, and accompaniment, fostering deep relationships with those they serve. The members, representing diverse traditions, share a commitment to eradicating poverty, alleviating marginalization, overcoming crises, and promoting the well-being of the poor.

About FMSI

Marist Foundation for International Solidarity (FMSI), established by the Marist Brothers in 2007, works globally for the rights of children and adolescents, aiming for better living conditions. The Marist Institute’s Foundation empowers children and youth through inclusive education, advocacy, and solidarity projects, focusing on protecting the rights of vulnerable and marginalized children. FMSI envisions a world where childhood is respected, guaranteed, and free from violence and fear.


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