Project in Mérida – Mexico

Marist Global Family Fund Projects

Project in CEMADE, Mérida – México

Date of Approval: Oct 20, 2020 / Completed

Donor: Marist Global Family Fund for Humanitarian Emergencies

Project Manager: Daniel Dorantes Arroyo

Objective: Food distribution

Beneficiaries: 750 families and 840 people including the elderly: To offer pantry and daily prepared food to the elderly and to families affected by natural disasters, in the neighborhoods near CEMADE.

Amount: 15,000.00€


The impoverished remote rural Mayan population of the Yucatan jungle in Mexico benefited from the “Global Marist Family Fund for Humanitarian Emergencies” in October and December 2020. The 2470 families and 2250 people involved included the homeless sick and elderly and the victimes of the floods caused by the tropical storm and hurricanes. Through the Food Distribution program organized by the Marist Centre for Development (CEMADE) they received the Covid-19 pandemic prevention materials and food items as well as prepared food especially for the elderly.