2024-02-21 PHILIPPINES

Promoting Marist laity in Korea-Japan and China Sectors

It is the goal of the Laity Desk of the Province of East Asia, coordinate by Agnes Reyes, to promote the vocation of the Champagnat Lay Marists, strengthen the relationship between brothers and laity, and to animate further the participation of laity mission.

Last February 10, a zoom meeting was conducted with the intention of consulting the brothers involved in the animation of laity in Korea-Japan and China sectors. Respective of their contexts, there is a challenge in discerning the approaches on how the seed of Marist life can grow and be nurtured.

Br. Allen Timola, from Japan, articulated his intention of coordinating with the school staff for a Marist life orientation and also the organization of youth groups to prepare them for their participation in globally initiated youth gatherings.

In Singapore, Br. Elmer Jandic, mentioned his initiatives of facilitating on-going formation of the Kinder School personnel and staff and also his continuing efforts to prepare the formation of the Marist Stella personnel.

Br. Jacobo Song, the link point person of the laity in the Council, was invited by the Laity Desk to join in the Philippine Sector Laity Gathering on March 15-17, 2024. Said event was organized for a Lenten Reflection following the 3rd MIMA reflection points.

A continuing collaboration is underway among the three sectors to move forward the agenda of Marist laity animation.


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