2019-05-23 BRAZIL

Province of Brazil Centro-Norte

From May 13-15 the Brothers and laity of the Brazil Centro-Norte Province gathered in Brazilandia (Federal District) for the Sector Forum on Consecrated Life and Laity (SVCL). In attendance were 35 members of the commissions on Vocation Animation, Laity, Consecrated Life, Patrimony, and Spirituality, as well as representatives from the Central Office.

The goal of the meeting was to create a space for constructive planning, in light of the Institute’s documents, while stressing the sector’s strategic plan, as well as facilitating collaboration with other areas of concern to the Province. It also provided an opportunity for the commissions to work together at prioritizing strategic projects.

The program included time for various presentations, dialogue, fellowship and prayer. On opening day, the coordinator for Mission and Management of the Union of Marist Brazil, Ricardo Mariz, presented a “social and cultural x-ray” of religious life and the laity. Also, Franki Kucher, advisor to the Center for Strategic Planning, made a situational analysis of religious life and the laity of the Province of Brazil Centro-Norte.

The themes on Day Two centered on the Province itself. The Vice President of the coordinating body UBEE-UNBEC, Br. Renato Augusto da Silva, explained the structure of the Province committees, while an analysis of the three-year plan (2016-2019) was addressed by the sector team. Also, Br. Rafael Ferreira Jr., director of the Center for Marist Studies (CEM), made an analysis of Marcellin Champagnat’s dream and the Province’s visions.

The meeting closed with the presentation of the Strategic Plan of the Institute by Br. Marcio Henrique da Costa, regional director. He said that this Sector Forum on Consecrated Life and Laity marks an important moment in strengthening the role of the region in the Province, of evaluating achievements, and possible future strategic projects. In his words: "It is an opportunity to connect the plans of the Institute, of the Province, and of the region, in order to carry on the mission, by following their guidelines and achieving the expected results."


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