2015-02-20 GUATEMALA

Province of Central America

The annual community animators meeting in the Province of Central America took place from February 6 to 8, 2015. This meeting aims at several goals regarding formation and fraternal sharing. Participants always value the experience and welcome it with interest.

We discussed the following topics during these days: self-knowledge and community animation; common guidelines to animate the Year of Consecrated Life; criteria, verbs, and tools for the community animator; animation and relationships within the community; specific topics regarding Provincial animation in 2015; and Provincial news.

Sister Betty Becerra, and Brothers Rodrigo Cuesta and Luis Carlos Gutiérrez facilitated the meeting. Several superiors led the prayer gatherings and liturgical celebrations. Brothers Edgardo López and Omar Peña decorated the house for the event. The members of the Preparatory Commission were Heidy Gómez, Aura Chaj, and Brother Edgardo López. 

May the good spirit and dedication of the community superiors bring about a committed and fruitful Marist religious life, a constructive Montagne year, and a beautiful community life experience.


Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez FMS


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