2021-02-22 PORTUGAL

Province of Compostela works to raise ecological awareness

The Province of Compostela inaugurated an Eco-Library in Cascais, Portugal. The project aims to sensitize the community about the care of the common home and is in line with the fundamental purposes of the Champagnat Foundation and the V call of the XXII General Chapter, which asks Marists to “awaken in us and around us an ecological conscience”.

The Eco-library seeks to raise awareness about the importance of reusing and recycling materials to reduce waste and environmental pollution. And at the same time, it wants to be a space where children can play, learn and share, through creative methodologies, such as games, arts, reading, storytelling, etc.

After the inauguration, on December 2, 2020, several children and young people from the community decided to join the space and participate in the activities. And in a short time, those in charge of the toy library realized that there was indeed a need for a play space in this neighbourhood. And given the pandemic situation, the Marist center has adapted and created tools that allow the users to continue to use the services.

The Province of Compostela hopes, on the one hand, that the Ecoludoteca will be seen as a free space; on the other hand, that it will be a space for learning and personal and social growth, truly transforming and belonging to the community. For this reason, with the support of several volunteers, the educators plan to create several activities, such as study support, computer workshops, painting, dance and reading promotion, among others.

The Marist space has also observed the need for time to be directed towards the women of the neighbourhood, where they can communicate, get to know each other better and create stronger bonds.


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