2014-10-16 SPAIN

Province of Ibérica

On 4 and 5 October, the Province of Ibérica held its II Provincial Days for Volunteer Service. In total some 85 persons from different sectors took part in the various proposals carried out: volunteers from the work and mission fields, groups of parents associated with our colleges, students and teachers taking part in the different activities of voluntary service, volunteers from our social works, Espiral and Ausartzen, the social projects of the college of Villalba, co-ordinators of social ministry, animators of groups, members of fraternities….

The most significative moments of the testimony were three in number. Brother Eugenio from Bangladesh, Marta Fernández de Aguirre and Ninbe Higuera, who shared their experiences of volunteer service, and Raquel Espuelas and Iñígo García who communicated their experience at the International Marist Assembly in Nairobi and the shared Eucharist of the Sunday celebrated with the rhythms of Africa.


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