2009-12-28 SPAIN

Province of Mediterránea

During the first three months of the course 2009-2010, and under the slogan ?The Fraternities? WE CHOOSE LIFE. Life Project of the CHMMF?, the fraternities of the Marist Province of Mediterránea have held three meetings, by zones, with their animators.

Each was intended to give further motivation to this service of animation, so important for the good functioning and greater vitality of the projects originating with them.

The Provincial Animation Team for the Fraternities (EAF), which has been going for two years now, has invited all during this course to reflect on and pray with the movement?s basic document ?Life Project of the CHMMF?. For some this has been something new, for others a pause on the road for revision, but we are all aware that the result has been a very important step in continuing to deepen our understanding of the calls God is making to us, TOGETHER.

For the animators, the experience has been very positive, for various reasons: meeting others involved in this service in other parts of the Province; reflecting on this document and being able to study at the same time the way of working with it in their fraternities. All have agreed on its significance.

At all the meetings time has been spent on the General Council and its message; the appeal to work on the document on the identity of the lay Marist ?Around the same table?; practical aspects such as the annual quota of the fraternities, the next meeting of the animators on 6 March 2010 in Granada, etc.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the co-ordinator of the fraternities of the Mediterránea Province, Javier López, from Alicante, has been invited by Br. Provincial and his Council, to represent us at the III Provincial Chapter at the end of December.


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