2010-03-21 BRAZIL

Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »

The Commission of Consecrated Life and Laity met from 9 to 12 March, at Viamão. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the programme and activities of the Commission and the sub-commissions of the Consecrated Life and Laity.

At the beginning of a new three year term for the Province and the General Government, the participants concentrated on the Letter of the XXI General Chapter; each Brother was able to express his impression of the text, putting the accent on the General Chapter?s insistence on the Marist Mission. The reflection was a major step towards giving direction to the actions of the Commission.

The meeting covered broad ground, embracing all the projects of the sub-commissions. The Commission covers the following areas:
? Brothers, animators of vocations and formators
? Marist apostolic spirituality and Marist spiritual patrimony
? CHMMF ? Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
? Vidamar

In undertaking their many projects for the term of 2010-2012, the members of the Commission place their trust in the new government in what concerns the following of the fundamental call: As missionary disciples, to follow Jesus Christ, in Mary?s way : « Do not be afraid » (Mt 28:10).



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