2013-03-28 BRAZIL

Province of Rio Grande do Sul

On March 23, after a 16-year journey, Brother Luciano Barrachini professed final vows, thus becoming a member of the Institute in a definitive way, in coincidence with his 33rd birthday. The celebration of his definitive consecration took place in the hall of the Pius XII Marist School, Novo Hamburgo.

Born in Santa Rosa, son of late Luiz Carlos Barrachini and Nadir da Rosa, he had his first contact with the Marist Congregation in 1995. He is currently Deputy Director of the Saint Marcellin Champagnat School, and collaborates with the Director of the Pius XII Marist School, both in Novo Hamburgo.

He has a BA in Philosophy from the PUCRS, a Bachelor of Theology from the Institute of Theology and Pastoral (ITEPA), in Passo Fundo. He is presently completing a postgraduate degree in Social Management, and attends the 3rd semester of Business Administration at Unisinos, a Jesuit university.

A few weeks before consecrating himself as a Marist Brother in a definitive way, brother Luciano mentioned that one of the major inspirations he had to join religious life was the devotion to the Good Mother. A text of the Spiritual Testament of Saint Marcellin Champagnat has been his inspiration and point of reference: “That humility and simplicity may ever be the distinguishing mark of the Little Brothers of Mary; that a tender and filial love for our good Mother never fail you in all the changes of time and circumstance”.

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