2014-10-28 BRAZIL

Province of Rio Grande do Sul

Around 800 adolescents and young people, members of the Marist Youth Ministry groups from all the  regions of the Province (Rio Grande do Sul and Brasilia), took part in the annual meeting of Marist youth  (MYM) of 2014, held on 18 October in Passo Fundo. The meeting had as its principal focus youth leadership – the youth as the proponents of social, political and educational changes in the country.

It was a day of intense work at the Colégio Conceição and also in the Instituto Marcelino Champagnat, in which the International Novitiate of Brasil is located. The activities were centred along four lines: the theme of the meeting of Marist youth MYM 2014, which allowed time for all the adolescents and young people to be able to offer a contribution; the value of personal knowledge and group experience; reflection on the dynamics and spaces for youth leadership; and the line of celebration. Everything contributed to extol the progress of the groups through the activities of the year and the performance of the youth in the different areas.


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