2022-09-30 PERU

Province of Santa María de Los Andes promotes vocational assemblies

Within the framework of the Year of Marist Vocations, the Peruvian sector of the Province of Santa María de Los Andes held its Vocation Assembly from September 16 to 18 in Lima, Peru.

The event was attended by 32 people representing the 11 educational works of the country, schools, and universities. Participants included brothers, professors, directors, members of the university pastoral, representatives of lay communities, and young people.

This is the first vocational assembly of the Province of Santa María de Los Andes, which has chosen to initiate a process of reflection on vocational animation, and as part of this, has planned to develop three assemblies, one in each sector of the Province: Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.

Each assembly will bring together people from different areas of participation in the sectors and will be a space for listening, gratitude, and weaving dreams for the future that will allow charismatic sustainability and vitality in the Province.

This first meeting, held in an atmosphere of joy and reciprocity, was an opportunity to meet and get to know each other personally after the pandemic.

The guide prepared by the Secretariat Brothers Today for this year of Marist vocations illuminated the spaces of the meeting and encouraged the participants to discover the original passion; to value the complementarity of the lay vocations and the Brothers; to glimpse some proposals for the future, either as a Marist sector or as a province, on the theme of animation and vocation promotion.

Reflections were made on those “doors that are closing and those that are opening as a possibility”.

More than offering a theoretical vocational framework, we focused on dialogue and sharing, which allowed us to get to know the diverse realities in which Marists are present. We also sought to respond to these environments.

At the end of the meeting, all attendees left with the commitment to care for and generate life from their areas of participation (home, work, environment) and with the conviction that we all have a vocation and we encourage it among our children, adolescents, and young people.


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