2013-12-31 MOZAMBIQUE

Province of Southern Africa

Smiling faces of the newly professed Brothers before the entrance of Saint Gabriel Parish, Matola, Maputo Archdiocese, Mozambique. From your left you see Brother Misheck(Malawi), followed by Boston(Zambia), the third one is Felix(Zambia), the fourth is Raphael (Malawi), the fifth is Godfrey (Malawi), the sixth is Steven (Zambia) and the seventh is  Inacio Fonseca (Angola). 

The profession was on 7th December 2013. It started with Mass. The ritual of profession followed this. The meal was at the Novitiate, which was followed by diverse kinds of entertainments and gifts.  

As Formators we feel privileged to have accompanied them up to this far. We only pray that they will continue to grow in their vocation as they continue in their  other formation steps. 

Simeon Banda, fms, Matola, Mozambique


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