2014-11-28 GERMANY

Province of West Central Europe

On the weekend of All Saints, the Marists from the Province of West Central Europe came together in a fraternal atmosphere at Freising (Bavaria) for a workshop on the theme: "The Spirituality and the Vocation of Marists". Under the very learned leadership of Brother Tony Leon, Director of the Secretariat of Brothers Today, and Bernice Reintjens from the Netherlands we were invited to listen to some presentations to help us focus on the differing ways to pray.

We were invited to take a journey focussing on the importance of self-knowledge in the work of evangelisation.

The first question asked of us was: "Who am I?" Not what others think of me, but what do I think of myself. How can I discover myself and my vocation if not through the community of which I am a member, in other words, through my relationships with others? This is a key word. Along this journey, it would be repeated regularly. It was the continuing thread of the weekend.

Following a short exercise in which we contemplated on Mary, we saw her in terms of her relationship with her cousin, with her Son, with Joseph and we also meditated on her face. We considered two aspects – the joy and the sorrow, the birth of Jesus and his death. It was a reflection of the face of the Church which has known joy but also suffering.

This is the message we have to proclaim, not by words but by our lives: "Our task is not to push the Gospel but to live it!"


Brother Maurice Godenir


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