2023-11-03 CHILE

Provincial meeting of the Marist Life Commission of Santa María de los Andes

The Marist Life Commission of the Province of Santa María de los Andes met October 17-21 in Santiago de Chile, to work on the Provincial Vocation Animation Plan. Alfonso García, Magali Rodríguez, Sara Sánchez, Br. Isidro Azpeleta, Pepe Jaime Rocabado, Raúl Amaya, Br. Patricio Pino and Rossana Avendaño are the commission’s members.

The objectives of meeting were to respond as the Marist Life Commission to the guidelines for promoting a vocation animation that promotes and cares for the vocation of the brother and lay Marist; to propose the keys and guidelines for the elaboration of a provincial vocation animation plan that promotes a vocation culture where every child, young person or adult can know and live his vocation; and to elaborate a draft plan that incorporates the dialogues and reflections in relation to the sectorial vocational and lay assemblies.

The meeting began on Tuesday 17 with the arrival and welcome of the members of the Commission.  On Wednesday, after a prayer, the members reflected on the question: “Who are we and what are we for?  On Thursday, those present discussed what inspirations the Spirit is blowing for vocation animation and began to define the criteria of the Vocation Animation Plan that aims to care for, accompany and generate Marist life. On Friday the participants sought to differentiate the field of vocation animation from the field of vocation culture.

In the last day, the group participated in the celebration of bonding of 16 lay people to the Marist charism.


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