2010-07-21 GENERAL HOUSE

Publication Team incorporate the changes

The General Council has begun to carry out a first mandate from the Chapter concerning the Constitutions. The relevant text says: ?The 21st General Chapter mandates the General Government to appoint a Publication Team, which will integrate in a single text the various changes effected in the Constitutions and Statutes by this and previous Chapters. This text will be consistent in style, language, numbering and references?.

The team responsible for carrying out this work met in the General House in Rome from 21 to 26 June 2010. This Publication Team is composed of Brothers Antonio Ramalho, co-ordinator, Juan Miguel Anaya and Edward Clisby (General Administration), and Maurice Goutagny (l?Hermitage).

The work entrusted to the team was to collect in a single text all the changes which have been made in the Constitutions since the publication of the text in 1985. The changes are of different types: they may refer to the suppression of texts or articles, corrections or updatings required by the evolution of laws, new legislation produced since 1985, changes in the numbering of articles, etc. This committee was also charged with comparing the translations in the four official languages of the Institute to ensure consistency and harmony, and supervise the publication of the new text in the four languages.

Once the work of compiling and harmonising the texts is completed, the Publications Team will submit the fruit of their labours to the General Council, who will then decide how to proceed for the future.


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