2021-03-31 BRAZIL

PUCPR virtually inaugurates its Way of the Cross to celebrate Easter in 2021

Panels built on the University campus in Curitiba can be seen at the interactive site starting on March 30th.

Catholic tradition has bequeathed us an exercise called “Way of the Cross,” a devotional practice that recalls the path that Jesus took from his condemnation to resurrection.

In 2019, fifteen 1.20 m x 2.40 m concrete panels were built and distributed throughout the PUCPR campus in Curitiba. With images of Jesus and messages imprinted on each of them, each Station’s message alternates between texts by Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis, carefully selected from the Way of the Cross that took place in the Roman Coliseum on Good Friday. 

These works were created by the visual artist Elvo Benito Damo, curated by the Institutional Identity at PUCPR.

Since the beginning of 2020, with the campus activities halted due to the pandemic, these works cannot be visited in person. Therefore, as a way of celebrating Easter in 2021, beginning March 30th, it will be possible to carry out a virtual and interactive tour of the PUCPR Way of the Cross with meditation moments for each of the Stations. The site can be accessed at https://identidade.pucpr.br/viasacra

“This project was only possible because it had full support from the Congregation of Marist Brothers of the PMBCS. In particular, from Brother Clemente Ivo Juliatto, sponsor in its entirety; Brother Benê Oliveira, Provincial of the Marist Province of South-Central Brazil; Brother Rogério Renato Mateucci, Vice Provincial of the Marist Province of South-Central Brazil and Pro-Rector of Mission, Identity and Extension at PUCPR and Brother Délcio Afonso Balestrin, Marist Group President.”- said Fabiano Incerti, Director of PUCPR Institutional Identity.


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