2014-12-19 ECUADOR

Quito, 12 to 16 December 2014

28 Brother capitulants, 12 Brother participants and 12 lay guests took part in the V Provincial Chapter of the Province of Norandina, held in Quito, Ecuador, in the presence of Brother Joe McKee, Vicar General.

The retiring provincial, Br Libardo Garzón Duque, initiated the work of the Chapter with a short speech. He thanked all who had collaborated in his government and welcomed the participants. He invited all to live the meeting as a gift from God: "let us live the Chapter in an attitude of openness, listening and acceptance in order to find out what God is looking for in the Marist life of the Province”

On the first day, Br César Rojas, who up to October was Director of the Secretariat Brothers Today in Rome, took possession as the new Provincial of the Province of Norandina. The Vicar General read out the letter of Br Emili Turú, Superior General, communicating to the Province Br César’s appointment. At this moment, Br Libardo presented Br César with an apron, recalling the Superior General’s circular “He gave us the name of Mary”, which envisions Marist mission as service.

The Chapter also elected the new provincial councilors who will accompany Br César in the provincial government. Those elected on 15 December were Brothers: Carlos Alberto Rojas Carvajal, Mariano Morante Montes, Diego Antón Campo, Francisco Javier Pérez París, Orlando Escobar and Ismar Portilla Benavides​

More information on the Chapter is available on the WEB page of the Province.


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