2008-12-21 MEXICO

Regional Meeting, MAS Southeast Group

From November 21 ? 23, the regional meeting of the group MAS (Movement of Apostolates at Secondary Level) was held in Carmen, Campeche State, Mexico for the southeast region of the Mexico Occidental Province. (Carmen is an island on the Yucatan Peninsula.) Those invited to the meeting included ninety-one young people, thirteen group leaders, and four Brothers. The delegations came from the two secondary schools in Merida, Yucatan: (1) University Center Montejo, and (2) the Joaquín Peón School. The venue was the Instituto del Carmen.
The motto for the meeting was « New Hearts for a New World, » a phrase which led to reflection on the need to get involved in the every day realities of our lives. To that end, four workshops were set up. The first involved reflection upon short presentations depicting the realities of adolescent life and commenting upon the presentations. The second workshop worked up a skit on the topic, ?My World Has Died.? The third put together a collage on the topic ?Designers of a New World.? The last workshop dealt with the ten commandments of What Makes MAS Tick. The meeting wrapped up with a fun gathering on the beach.
We are grateful to Brother Vicente, the Principal of Instituto del Carmen, and Senora Bianca who directed the program, for all the time and trouble they took to organize the meeting.


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