2015-12-30 GENERAL HOUSE

Renewed webpages section

See here the Renewed webpages section

At this time of the year, after the festivity of Christmas, there is a moment when we pause to reflect on the blessings of the current year in preparation to welcome 2016.

From the perspective of Brothers Today Secretariat, there has been an amazing convergence of events during 2015.

  • The Year of Consecrated Life.
  • The beginning of the Fourvière Year – (theme of fraternity)
  • The inaugural Post Perpetual Program GIER
  • The International Colloquium on Initial Formation
  • The release of the Vatican document on the ‘Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church’.

Often times, we do not appreciate the terrain which we are crossing until we have completed the journey to look back at where we have travelled.

We commend to you the reflection of this year through the renewed webpages of Brothers Today.  

When the 2015 images and stories of the brothers who have professed their first and perpetual vows were assembled; as well as the number of brothers who have undertaken continuing formation programs, it created a grateful overview of the blessings during this Year of Consecrated Life.  

It is possible to see the overall perspective starting at the homepage.

We also recommend the thoughtful and insightful reflection The Religious Brother: One way to live out the brotherhood of Jesusby Br José María Ferre FMS.  This can be accessed through the page: Our Identity

These webpages Brothers Today are still in evolution and the dream is to create a space where we can assist communicating and sharing the wealth of our vocation as Marist brothers today.  There are some pages that are still in construction and realistically, these pages will always be unfinished, continuing to be renewed day by day.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions. 

We pray that in the coming year as we celebrate the Bicentenary of Fourvière, we recognize that we, as brothers, are also unfinished in our identity and we are called to be renewed, day by day, beyond the Year of Consecrated Life.


Brothers Tony Leon & Hipólito Pérez
Brothers Today Secretariat


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