2020-11-13 GHANA

Reopening of Schools in the Marist District of West Africa

After several months of school closures due to Covid-19, schools reopened in some countries of the Marist District of West Africa: Liberia, Tchad, Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon.

On the other hand, In Ghana, the President extended the lockdown until January 2021. This extension will impact seriously the Marist community in the country.

Brother Cyprian Bankakuu Gandeebo, superior of the district, encouraged the school leaders to ensure that all safety measures are put in place and encourage staff, learners, and parents to strictly observe them. “Fellow Marists, as we commence this new school year, a great deal needs to be done so that learners can learn and succeed without contracting or spreading the virus. As model evangelizers of society, we promote Christocentric tenets. Our mission obliges us to move out to meet children and young people wherever we find them. To our learners we are to show God’s maternal tenderness and tell them how much Jesus loves them. This way, we witness the ideals of Marcellin Champagnat in this turbulent period of the COVID-19 pandemic”, said the superior of the District, and add that “the task of accompanying learners is a collaborative effort. I encourage everyone in the school to get involve ensuring that there are no tensions arising from COVID-19 related cases”.


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