2023-09-12 BRAZIL

Representatives of the Cruz del Sur Province get to know the Network of Marist Schools in Brazil

The Province of Brasil Centro-Sul received some representatives of the Marist Province of Cruz del Sur (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) in Curitiba from August 21st to 25th. The objective of the visit was to integrate the Marist teams of Marist Region América Sur promoting the exchange of experiences and making known the initiatives carried out in each of the Marist educational networks, especially the Network of Marist Schools in Brazil, “Brasil Marista”, as well as increasing the continuity and sustainability of the mission to educate and evangelize and to walk as a global family by strengthening the internationality of the Marist Institute.

The week included a program that allowed the participants to share and experience initiatives related to strategic planning, the experience of families and students, as well as projects to attract and retain students and communication and marketing. They also visited educational units such as the Marist schools of Santa Maria, Anjo da Guarda and the Marist Social School Eunice Benato.

Brothers Enrique Planas, Marcelo De Brito and Alberto Aparicio were present from the Cruz del Sur Province. Also present were representatives from the financial area: Esteban Mechoso, Rodrigo Rivas and Verónica Navas, and Daniel Felippelli, a representative from the Human Resources area.


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