2017-12-11 SPAIN

Resilience and migrant childhood

With the support of the International Catholic Office for Children (BICE), the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan offered the workshop on “Resilience Tutors” from Nov. 24 – 26 at the Marist School of Granada, Spain.

The professionals and volunteers of Tierra de Todos participated in the workshop, an association that since 2012 provides an educational service in a neighborhood of the city to children and adolescents, most of whom are children of Moroccan families. Representatives of the organisations New Horizons (Huelva), Don Bosco, Institución Teresiana and La Inmaculada School also attended the formation.

Resilience is a theoretical and practical proposal that invites a change of perspective to enhance the individual’s capacity, or that of a group, in order to grow and develop fully in the face of very large difficulties, such as migration.

Tierra de Todos as well as 13 other Marist initiatives from different continents have been categorized by FMSI in its recent publication, “Rights without Borders.”

FMSI is working on the education of migrant women and aboriginals in international forums.


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