2019-05-24 MEXICO

Respecting the planet, water, air and life

With the objective ofpromoting the care of our common home in the Province of México Central, 18 representatives of the cities of Mexico, Toluca, Pachuca and Orizaba met from the 3rd  to the 5th of May in areas of the Marist School of Miravalles to dialogue, to learn and to share experiences of the work being done by the Project Marist Education for Good Living.

The " Good Living Initiative ", started in the Province in 2015, is based on the principles of Permaculture – inspired by ecology and the ecosystem – and is practised by educators and lay Marists who encourage people in their educational communities and social environment to take care of the environment and to be united in this cause.

The fourth meeting had as its purpose to know and to reflect on the principles of Permaculture, to know what the movement of Transition is, to share the journey followed by our Marist works and to visit places that promote Good Living.

During the meeting topics of interest related with the Permaculture were developed. The first topic was the mainstreaming of the principles of Permaculture in the curricular content and in the transition to the internet as a guide to continuing with changes of lifestyles.

The second point was the analysis of the processes and activities for Good Living, through the experiences shared by those taking part.

As part of the practical work, a visit took place to another of the centres of training and environmental education in Miravalle: Calmecac, the Library, the community dining room, the open forum and Miravalles School.

Also, Chinampayolo  was visited (a collective or relative of chinampera) with the objective of diffusing and sharing the lacustrine chinampera  culture, to be more aware of caring for the city, and mainly, to respect the earth, water, air and life.


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