2019-11-04 CANADA

Responsibility, Transparency and Trust

The meeting of Bursars of the Arco Norte Region was held from October 9 to 11 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada. The aim was to develop the initiatives proposed at the last meeting (Miami, January 2019) and coordinate work projects within the context of the Institute.

Present were: Br Libardo Garzón (Econome General), Br Gregorio Linacero (Coordinator of the Arco Norte Region), Br Laurentino Alabalá (Coordinator of the Arco Norte Bursars and Provincial Bursar of Norandina), Mrs. Soledad Gálvez (Norandina Province, Ecuador), Br Manuel Matilla (Province of Central America), Br Antonio Medina (Province of Western Mexico), Mr. Miguel Martínez (Auditor, Province of Western Mexico), Mr. Luis López (Investments, Province of Western Mexico), Br Hank Sammon (USA Province), Mr. Frank Pellegrino (USA Province), Br Yvon Bédard (Canada Province), Mr. Adalberto Martínez (DAF Central Mexico Province) and a helper.

The meeting addressed the following topics:
• Financing of the community of Holguin, Cuba.
• Closure of the community in East Harlem, NY and a request by the provinces of the USA and Western Mexico regarding this issue.
• Training projects for community bursars and for the novitiate in Colombia.
• The work that done to share “good administrative practices” and their management.
• Proposals for the region's expenses as of 2019.
• The situation of the Province of Canada and the issue of provincial archives.
• “Salary policy” in the centers and insertions of the provinces of the region.
• Sharing around how we are doing with “marketing” in the region, thinking of its positive impact to attract more students in schools.
• Budget, control and financial indicators and “models of financing”.

Brother Goyo took note of the points discussed in order to present concrete proposals at the Conference of Provincials of Arco Norte (October 21-26, 2019); and in case of the points being approved by them, allocate corresponding tasks to each province or provincial administrator for its implementation or follow-up.

During his presentation, Br. Libardo highlighted the need to have a vision of the future in administrative matters and to have responsibility, transparency and trust in economic matters. He shared the document "In communion and solidarity" which outlines the current General Council's work plan for administrative and financial issues within the Institute. The Econome General carries the responsibility for its implementation. The document makes mention of issues worked on by the XXII General Chapter : creating services and functions that make it possible to share resources, the sustainability of Marist life and mission, the discernment in the proper use of resources, finances and economy at all levels of the Institute.

Before concluding, it was agreed that the next meeting be held in May 2020 in Bogotá, Colombia. It is hoped that there can be a sharing of progress made and a continuation of this working together.


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