2022-09-05 KIRIBATI

Retreat help to empower Marist Youth

The Brothers and Champagnat Marist Youth in Kiribati have carried out a full 4 days of integrated Retreat held in one of the villages on the main island. This program was the second phase of a Youth to Youth peer outreach in which it allows youth themselves to discover what it means to be a leader and to work together as a group.

Empowering Youth, Climate Change and Harnessing Spirituality were the main themes in this program. There was a roll of 289 Youth registered, and the day’s events began with Mass, followed by a Sacred Space moment and then the other parts of the program. The program was facilitated by 8 members of Young Marists, one licenced Child Protection Officer and Brother Tabunga.

The program is supported mostly by the Marist Brothers’ community in Kiribati and other stakeholders such as Australian Marist Solidarity, AusEmbassy and the Ministry of Health and Environment.

Here down we share a reflection from Br. Tabunga.

“The 4 days’ program has given a lot of satisfaction. First, to the young people who have been waiting for this kind of program, helping them to be able to discover their own selves and have some directions for their life choices in the future.

Secondly, there is a mutual relationship of us Brothers with our youth outside the classroom. I am thinking about the Year of Vocations in our various regions because this will certainly contribute to it. This is about planting seeds, wherever they may grow, generating new life and creating better air for us. Additionally, the major objectives of all these involvements allows us to spread our identity as Marist and gives the opportunity for young people to become Marist.

Lastly, thanks to the community and District for their helpful support of this program. I thank our own Marist Youth members for their service and commitment.

I continue to acknowledge the funding assistance and support of the Australian Marist Solidarity (AMS) team.”


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