2012-05-20 SPAIN

Return to the sources

From 21 to 25 April, the administrators of the works of the Province of Mediterránea joined the members of the Provincial Economic Affairs Commission on a pilgrimage experience to the  Hermitage and other Marist places. It was an experience of coming close to our origins, to the figure of the founder and the first brothers.

To make contact with our  origins in order to drink directly from the sources of our spirituality, we formed a group of 35, brothers and laity, from the colleges and works of the Province (Spain, Italy and Lebanon) and we relied on the accompaniment of Br Fernando Hinojal and his knowledgeable explanations, and the presence of the novitiate community of Seville.

We express our very sincere thanks to the community of the Hermitage for their welcome and thank Lord and the Good Mother for this experience, which allowed us to increase further in our identity as Marists, children of Champagnat, who will certainly help us and press us to continue in our work, in our task as administrators at the service of the evangelization of the many children and youth whom we serve.


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