2007-03-29 SPAIN

Reviewing hopes and concerns

From the 24th February to the 25th March, Brothers Emili Turú and Peter Rodney, members of the General Council, visited the Province of Mediterránea. For one month, they held meetings with the different representatives and institutions of the Province.

They started the visit at Guardamar where a session of the Provincial Council was held. Then, they met together the members of the Council of Works and those from other Provincial Commissions. They had the occasion to get to know and speak with the novices in Seville, with the young brothers and the older brothers (the senior brothers of Benalmádena, of Torrente and of Carmagnola). They were also in contact with the direction teams of the school establishments, those from the Spanish and Italian zone as well as those in Lebanon; it was the same with representatives from Marist fraternities and the animation team of Italy.

Obviously, Emili and Peter had meetings with the brothers at Castilleja, Guardamar, Rome, Carmagnola, Torrente and Beirut. In the different sessions, the two Councillors recalled the sense of unity and of communion that must connect the Province with the rest of the Institute and to the Brother Superior General whom they were representing.

This visit of the Councillors was not in fact the first contact between the Superiors of the Institute and the Province of Mediterránea. In September, October and November 2003, we had the visit of Brothers Pau Fornells and Iván Buenfil, as delegates of the Brother Superior General. The two Councillors were keen to recall the strong points, the challenges and the propositions that were noted on this occasion by the brothers.

The brothers were requested to speak about the hopes and expectations that encourage them and also about the concerns that, in some way, sadden them. Among their value judgements they esteemed positively the collaboration with laypeople and the role that the fraternities play, as well as the evangelising contents of the mission. On another side, among the pains that afflict them, they noted the lack of vocations which is evident these days.

Brothers Emili and Peter took advantage of the occasion to inform us about the general affairs of the Institute: the Mission Ad Gentes, the Marist International Mission Assembly which will take place in Brazil, the Year of Spirituality which will be celebrated in 2008, the proposals for the refurbishment of the Hermitage, etc.

This visit finished at Beirut; from there the two Councillors returned to Rome after having had a meeting with the brothers from Lebanon and Syria. During the whole visit, an ambiance of family spirit, of simplicity and of prayer was very evident.

Brother José Delgado García


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