2005-08-29 FRANCE

Robert and Lucienne Masson affiliated to the Province of the Hermitage

On the 19th of July 2005, during the Eucharist closing the Brothers?retreat at Our Lady of the Hermitage, Brother Provincial presented the diploma of affiliation to the Province to Robert and Lucienne Masson.
Robert Masson, a journalist for more than fifty years, has been director of France Catholique and of Panorama aujourd?hui. He is the author of numerous works, including a biography of Marcellin Champagnat, for his canonization in 1999, written ?in memory of Henri Verges, this little brother of Mary, martyred in Algeria, who put me on the road of Champagnat?, as he writes at the beginning of his book.
Robert Masson, as he said in his speech of thanks, wants to be ?a witness for the witnesses?. That is why he has recently published: Henri Verges, a christian in the house of Islam. This book allows a wide public to discover the life of a brother whom many of us knew and who gave his life in the service of young Algerians for 25 years.
The affiliation of Robert and Lucienne Masson to the Province of the Hermitage is a way of thanking them for making known humble witnesses of the Gospel like our Brother Henri Verges, agent of dialogue between Christians and Moslems.
Thus they enter the great Marist family. They have expressed to us their joy at receiving these symbolic gifts.

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