2011-08-30 GENERAL HOUSE

Rome, 4 to 8 July 2011

The Commission recommended by the XXI General Chapter for studying the future of the General House met in Rome from 4 to 8 July 2011. Those taking part were Brothers Joe Mc Kee (General Council), co-ordinator, Tom Chin (East Asia), Lauro Hochsheidt (Rio Grande do Sul), Edgardo López (América Central), Primitivo Mendoza (Compostela), Zeno Piazza (Mediterránea), Víctor Preciado (General Council), Anthony Robinson (Sydney) and Antoni Salat (General Administration). Br Straton Malisaba (Central East Africa) was unable to attend owing to visa problems. Br Juan M. Anaya (General Administration) acted as Secretary and translation was provided by Carla Bertana and Chiara Cappai.

The program for the meeting was as follows:

1.- The first part of Monday morning was dedicated to the welcome, mutual introductions, and an explanation of the task the Commission was confronted with according to the recommendation of the  General Chapter (cf. Chapter Document, pp. 55-57). This involved continuing the work begun during the Chapter so that the Superior General and his Council may take the most appropriate decision if the conditions laid down by the Chapter are fulfilled.

A first step was to know the current situation of the real estate and the distribution of the areas of the property by means of an audiovisual presentation and a guided visit of the buildings.

2.- The remainder of Monday, Tuesday and the morning of Wednesday were taken up by the presentation of studies on the state and valuation of the property made by 3 companies, and summing up our perceptions and impressions about these reports.

Each firm had been given a list of key questions about the current property and each followed the same scheme of presentation and study: there was between an hour and an hour and a half for each to present its report; a half hour for questions of clarification, of listening and amplification of questions of interest to those present; a time for mutual dialogue among the members of the Commission by themselves.

3.- The afternoon of Wednesday, there was work in language groups to answer 3 questions: 1. What additional information do we need now? 2. From what we have heard, what steps do we need to take? 3. If there is need to define steps, is it necessary for someone to accompany us?

The late afternoon and evening we devoted to a visit to Frascati and supper in this beautiful locality, giving us the opportunity to extend our time of getting to know and enjoy one another.

4.- Thursday and part of Friday morning was given over to the study of the criteria for determining the characteristics of a possible new base for the General Administration of the Institute.

This involved the following steps: personal work; work in language groups; sharing of the group work; exchange of opinions on the common points exposed in the previous step; agreement by consensus.

The language groups were responding to the questions: 1. How do we conceive a General House? 2. What criteria should we take into account? 3. What services do we need? 4. Where would it be situated? in Rome? in Italy? outside Italy?

5.- Then, also on Friday morning, various pieces of financial information were presented about the results obtained from the creation of the Casa per Ferie and the rent from the different businesses using the areas of the General House not utilized by the General Administration.

6.- The remainder of Friday morning was devoted to reaching consensus about the tasks pending for the next meeting. In general, these tasks were entrusted to Brothers Víctor Preciado and Antoni Salat, seeing that they are tasks fundamentally involving the gathering of information and the initiation of bureaucratic proceedings which have to done in Rome.

Some other tasks we have anticipated were then assigned to the next meeting of the Commission.

Br Juan M. Anaya drafted the minutes of the meeting. Brothers Joe Mc Kee, Víctor Preciado and Antoni Salat will prepare a report for the General Council on the work achieved, the tasks pending, and the guidelines the Commission is following. This report will be presented to the Plenary Meeting of the General Council in January-February 2012.

The next meeting of the Commission will be held in Rome from 7 to 10 March 2012.

7.-. Br Joe Mc Kee closed the meeting by thanking those present for the excellent climate of dialogue and fraternal listening which characterised the meeting, as well as for the work achieved. The meeting had been fraternal, frank, and fruitful. He also passed on the thanks of Br Emili to all those present, having spoken with him that morning.


Juan Miguel Anaya Torres, fms
Secretary of the Commission


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