2023-01-27 BRAZIL


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The meeting that marked the 3rd Stage of the International Forum on the Lay Marist Vocation, held in Rome from November 4 to 11, 2022, was characterized by the song “Ruah”. It is the result of a reflection, of a preparatory meeting during the International Forum, of the Extended Secretariat of the Laity with the facilitators, Br. Graham Neist, Vanderlei Soela and Br. Toni Torrelles, regarding the songs about the Holy Spirit, recognizes his active presence in the Church.

In addition to the reflections of the participants at the meeting, the following excerpt from Cardinal Martini’s text was used as inspiration: ÔÇťThe Spirit of God is present today as much as in the time of Jesus and the Apostles… He exists and acts, he comes before us, he works more and better than we do. It is not up to us to sow it, nor to awaken it, but above all to recognize it, receive it, support it, open a path for it and follow it. On the other hand, he smiles, dances invades, involves, embraces, and goes as far as we could never have imagined. In the face of the current crisis, which is the loss of the sense of the invisible and transcendence, the crisis of the sense of God, the Spirit is playing his victorious game in the small and invisible.

After this discourse, Br. Toni presented the song Ruah, which the participants, lay and Brothers, sang at many moments of the meeting in Rome.

You will then find several options, including a playback version, where you can make the version in your language. On youtube, activate the subtitles to choose the language of the song lyrics.

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Song in English

Playback – Subtitles


Ruah, Ruah, Ruah, uuuhhh

You fill the story with your light; you embrace me with your faithfulness.
I walk along despite the doubt, with your song as company, Ruah.
O Spirit of life. 

In every moment you are there; my heart ponders your great kindness. 
Always inspiring all I do, making me proclaim my “Yes”, Ruah.
O Spirit of faith. 

Ruah, Ruah, Ruah, uuuhhh

I see your face in love sincere, shown by those whose heart is where you dwell.
You are with me I am not alone, leading me on righteous path, Ruah.
O Spirit of peace. 

You are the breath I take each day; every plan and action speak of you.
Moving in rhythm the dance of life, there is joy and harmony, Ruah.
O Spirit of God.

MP3: English | Espa├▒ol | Fran├žais | Portugu├¬s | Catalan | Baixar PlayBack
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