2012-12-11 ECUADOR

Searching together for a greater vitality of the charism

What was born as a project of the laity, members of the Fraternities, and the Brothers of the south of Ecuador became a reality at Loja, with the blessing of Jesus and our good Mother. The meeting, with the participation of  74 fraternity members, Marist laity and Brothers from the works of Quito, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchillas, Catacocha and Loja, began on Saturday 10  November with a welcome organized by Br Mariano Morante. Robert Sánchez explained the agenda, assisted by  the delegate for the Province of Norandina, Br Wilson Torres, who presented the topics to be treated.

In the afternoon, Moisés Beltrán, co-ordinator of the Laity Team of Ecuador, did an analysis with us of the « Forms for the road : promoting together a greater vitality of the charism ». In groups we attempted a first approach to the content, insisting on the fact that it is a work to be realised in the fraternities and lay groups over two years.

This sharing was followed by a meal in common, doing honour to the reputation of Loja as musical capital of the country : the various artistic productions, harmonious and beautiful, rejoiced the hearts of laity and brothers… There were also contests and… lots of humour !

Sunday, the Lord’s day, commenced with some words from Br Wilson Torres with regard to the challenges facing the Marist laity in Ecuador. We then took part in the celebration of the Eucharist and, finally, the farewell well marking the end of the meeting.

The most important conclusions refer to the discovery of the new relationship between brothers and laity, between all who share the same spirit of Champagnat ; the revitalisation of the lay groups and fraternities ; and the invitation to organise a local Marist meeting on the feast of Saint Marcellin in 2013, then, in 2014, the second national meeting of the fraternities, laity and brothers of the north of the country.


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