2023-05-18 GENERAL HOUSE

Second Meeting of Marist Deepening at the General House

Lay people and Brothers of the General Administration gathered on May 17 for the second Marist formation meeting entitled “Mary and Marcellin Among Us”, led by Brothers Ángel Medina and Lindley Sionosa, directors of the Brothers Today Secretariat.

This second workshop is part of the five Marist Deepening Encounters, organized by a team led by Br. Luis Daniel Herrera Meza, Secretary General, which have the following objectives:

  • To promote a better team relationship, between brothers and laity, in the General House.
  • Continue the process of ongoing formation by promoting adherence to the charism of St. Marcellin.
  • To make known the work of the Secretariats and Departments of the General House, and to make the mission more effective.
  • To take advantage of the work the collaborators do on a daily basis to exchange activities and points of view.
  • To continue to deepen the understanding of the lay Marist vocation and the response of each person to his or her own Marist vocation.

The first meeting was held on March 29, in charge of the Postulator General, Brother Guillermo Villarreal, and the Director of the General Archives, Dorotea Cinanni. Both speakers spoke about their work at the General House.

During the second meeting, guided by Brothers Ángel and Lindley, the brothers and laity, motivated by the song “Ruah”, discovered the work carried out by the Secretariat. Br. Angel emphasized that the mission of the Secretariat Brothers Today is “to live and promote the new way of being a Marist Brother” and showed the actions and work they are doing to achieve their objective.

A second part of the meeting was marked by a visit to some areas of the General House, highlighting visible signs of the presence of Mary and Marcellin among the people who frequent the Institute’s headquarters.

Three other meetings will follow, with the following dates and themes: “Global Marist Family” on September 6; “Marist Mission in the World” on October 18; and “Law and Protection of Minors” on November 22.

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