2020-02-03 CôTE DIVOIRE

Sensitization on drug abuse and non-violence for students in Bouaké

Students of Forms three and four of Champagnat Bouaké, Ivory Coast (District West Africa), were sensitized on the risks involved in abusing drugs and depicting violent behaviors on their peers on Wednesday January 29th, 2020 by Miss Reine Kouamé a jurist who works in a judicial clinic in Bouaké. In her presentation she identified the various types of drugs as well as their effects on the youths. She equally explained to them the different types of violence such as verbal, physical, material, sexual, social and cyber violence. She encouraged students to always resolve conflicts amicably and use non-violent techniques as much as possible.

In addition, Miss Reine Kouamé cited the Ivorian penal code to explain the various risks involved in abusing drugs and inflicting harm on others. Some violent behaviors carry a sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment and a student who is guilty of violent behavior and drug abuse can become a school dropout and risk his future. At the end of the presentation, students were given a chance to ask questions for clarifications. Students then took the resolution to choose to remain sober and non-violent for their success as they were the leaders of tomorrow.

This seminar was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Centre Scolaire St Marcellin Champagnat and the JEC (Catholic Youth Students) of St Paul de Gonfreville – Bouaké.  We would like to thank SED through the Real Madrid Foundation which currently supports sports and extracurricular activities in Marist schools in Cote d´Ivoire.


Br Cho Nchang


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