2021-05-01 GENERAL HOUSE

Sharing. The Lay Marist Vocation

With the aim of growing as a global family, specifically in the lay Marist vocation, the Bureau of the Laity launched the newsletter “Compartir” on 30 April. It is a monthly bulletin sent to the same recipients as the Marist News bulletin.

Here are the words of Raúl Amaya, director of the Secretariat, whose presentation was also published in the first issue, and can be read at this link.

Dear friends, Marists of Champagnat.

It is with great joy and hope that we send you the first issue of the Sharing Bulletin. This is a resource that we have created especially to stimulate and accompany the Marist life of the laity and to collaborate in promoting the future of communion to which the Holy Spirit is inviting us. We have been dreaming about this project for some time and today we have found the possibility of developing it under the auspices of the International Forum on the Lay Marist Vocation.

This newsletter will be characterised by the following: it will be a monthly edition; it will be addressed to brothers and lay Marists; it will not be a news bulletin (for we already have Marist News); it will contain reflections, formation texts, personal and community experiences, life testimonies and whatever will help in the development of the vocation of lay Marists and communion with the brothers.

This first issue opens with the theme of the International Forum on the Lay Marist Vocation, an initiative on which we in the Extended Secretariat of the Laity are currently working at the request of the General Government. As the Forum progresses, the newsletter will report on some of the highlights of the Forum.

From the second issue onwards, each edition will focus on one of the Marist regions, taking turns as we go along. For this, people from the one region will be in charge of writing some of the content. This will give greater visibility to the rich and wonderful diversity that makes up our global charismatic family. In addition, it will touch on other issues of the Institute related to laypeople that we hope will be of interest to all.

The publication will be produced in PDF format and will be sent by e-mail to all those who subscribe to Marist News.

Along with this initiative, we will also be using social media to share our Marist vocation. For example, to increase awareness of our global family, we have created a facebook group open to all, to which we invite you to subscribe. Also, with the intention of strengthening our communion, we propose the use of the hashtag #MaristLayMaristVocation in the posts we put on the net.

We hope that this newsletter will contribute to enriching our vocation as lay Marists, both personally and as a community, and will help us to be in greater communion and harmony as a Global Charismatic Family. May our Good Mother and Marcellin accompany us on our journey.


Raúl Amaya, Director of the Secretariat of the Laity

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