2015-12-26 ITALY

Solidarity: breakfast on the road

We make the common mistake of always think about Africa, Romania or Siria as places too far to reach. Too many times we are lost in the rhetoric of words, we are happy with just watching a TV program, without thinking that we should just move the curtains of our living room to see what’s reality.

The senior year of the Marist College of Giugliano, in Italy, decided to do exactly so: leave the nest and touch with our bare hands the solidarity. From the beginning of this school year, we decided and suggest the principal to go twice a month, during religion class, to every route of our town to bring breakfast to everyone that every day, challenging the weather, sick a job.

We are realizing that this people need someone to talk to, confront and tell their stories that are in many cases true desperation.

The school and our parents are supporting this action that will go on until the end of the year.

I just hope this can be the begging of our journey to make our life a gift to others.


Alina D'Aniello and students of the “Quinto Liceo”


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