2021-11-18 GENERAL HOUSE

Solidarity Secretariat Promotes Advocacy Mechanisms

With the aim of promoting the rights of children in the Marist Provinces, Brothers Ángel Diego and Francis Lukong, from the Solidarity Secretariat, members of the Marist Foundation for International Solidarity (FMSI) and seven delegates from the Provinces of Mediterránea and Compostela participated, on the 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th and 17th of November, in a training course on “Mechanisms for the defence of the Rights of the Child before the United Nations”.

The training is conducted in five sessions, throughout the month of November, with the aim of training in different ways of advocacy before the United Nations. During the training, the different channels of participation, such as civil society, before the UN bodies are reviewed.

This training programme is part of the Solidarity Secretariat’s initiatives to promote children’s rights.

The aim of the training is to present the different possibilities of participation at the international level, to train Marist delegates in this work and to join concrete experiences in the defence of human rights in general and children’s rights in particular.


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