2022-09-09 SRI LANKA

South Asia Provincial Chapter

The 6th Chapter of the South Asia Province was held from August 24-28, 2022 in Bolawalana, Sri Lanka. “Walking Together Choosing Life” was the central theme of the chapter. During the meeting, Brother Nicholas Fernando began his first 3-year term as Provincial, replacing Brother Mervyn Perera, Provincial since 2016. Representing the General Council were Brothers Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa and Josep Maria Soteras, link councillors with the Asia Region.

The chapter had 20 delegates participating. There were also 5 observers, two lay people and 3 brothers. Brother Graham Neist, from Australia, was the facilitator.

The Provincial meeting highlighted the following themes as priorities for life in the Province:

  • Shared Marist: Life Moving to greater collaboration – Marist Brothers with lay Marists as leaders
  • Communication: Moving to more effective and inclusive communication 
  • Financial Sustainability 
  • Mission with Youth: Moving to greater involvement with young people’s present experience 
  • Community life: forming a community development team.

The Provincial Council, elected to assist Brother Provincial in animating the Marist presence in the three countries (Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India) that make up the Province, consists of Brothers Rajakumar S., Shanthi Liyanage, Lal Fonseka and Sunanda Alwis.


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