2009-06-09 MEXICO

Spaces of encounter, for a new world

The best way of strengthening our experience of life and the understanding of our mission is by generating life encounters. With this aim, about three hundred young people, in the second and third years of high school, in the Province of Central Mexico, took the opportunity to come together and exchange experiences at the National Assembly of New Marist City. A weekend of games, singing, creativity and living together, with spaces for reflection on the motto of the XXI General Chapter, ?New hearts for a new world.?

This gathering was an opportunity to make contact with reality through visits to catechetical centres, refuges, houses of hospitality, and a school for the visually handicapped. Knowledge of these realities generated reflection and self-dedication, closeness and listening, change and commitment?

A rally for the city of Querétaro painted the streets with red, creating rivers of youth, full of joy and life, and invited those passing by to join in and sing and come to know a little of what it is to be young Marist. A huge heart added atmosphere to the auditorium for the final celebration. Listening to the message of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, of Pope John Paul II, of Gandhi and of Luther King, were a special time for becoming familiar with them and valuing their contribution to mankind.

Almost at the end of the meeting, Brother Fernando Mejía, Provincial of the Province of Central Mexico, sent us a message in which he emphasized the joy which he and the Brothers of the Provincial Council (which was also meeting here) felt when they approached and saw the football field full of young people having a good time and sharing. He acknowledged the efforts of the young animators of youth ministry, of the brothers and lay people who organized the assembly. And he finished by inviting those present to be a drop of water for the others and to change hearts to build a new world.


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