2008-10-09 ITALY

Spanish and Portuguese speaking Marists and Marianists

For yet another year, a group of 21 older Brothers of the Institute, from different Spanish and Portuguese speaking Provinces, together with three Marianists, two Brothers and a priest who acted as chaplain, have been in Manziana, Italy, following the two-month course of spirituality for older Brothers.

In the course of those two months they experienced a community and formative experience that filled them with great personal satisfaction. In these days lived in community we valued the gift of our life given to us by God and for our Marist vocation. Looking back on the progress of our journey through maturity, we broke out in a spontaneous hymn of gratitude for the road travelled and we look forward to the future with confidence and hope.

We have been able to make this interior pilgrimage thanks to our major Superiors and the other Brothers who have motivated us with their reflections during this time. From the General Council we have shared some time with Brothers Seán Sammon, S. G. and Luis Sobrado García, V. G.; and also our General Councillors Pedro Herreros, Emili Turú and Maurice Berquet. They have all shared with us by explaining the current situation of the Institute from different angles. Many thanks to them for their attention which has made us feel greatly valued. The topics treated by the other lecturers, all of them first rate, have also been very helpful to the participants in the course; to them also we extend our thanks and best wishes.

We want to mention in a very special way the pilgrimage to the Marist places. It was an experience that moved us very deeply. Everything was very well planned and very well prepared. Brother Alain Delorme played an important part as our guide and mentor. He gave us beautiful explanations of the places in which Saint Marcellin and the first Brothers carried out their apostolate. There were very interesting descriptions of the social and political aspects of the time and finished and the last day ended with splendid talks on Saint Marcellin and the first Brothers, as well as some of their testimonies.

To the Brothers of the Communities which we visited, many thanks for their hospitality.

In the evaluation of the course, we highlighted the brotherliness existing in the group, demonstrated in so many ways in the course of the two months we were together. To those of you who have not yet taken part in a course such as this, we invite you to try this experience; we can assure you that it is worthwhile. You wont be disappointed.


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