2023-02-21 GENERAL HOUSE

Spirituality in mission – XIX Marist International Mission Commission

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The XIX message of the Marist International Mission Commission, entitled “Spirituality in mission and mission in spirituality,” want to be a powerful invitation to all those involved in Marist mission to live, express, integrate, and encourage spirituality in every aspect of our action. And it also promotes “That all the spaces of mission transpire and facilitate a vital, contemporary, and Marist spiritual experience that allows everyone a real contact with the Spirit of God and the Gospel, alive and present.”

The message, written by Br. Francis Jumbe, on behalf of the International Marist Mission Commission, recalls that “The spiritual dimension plays a very important role and is intimately linked to our institutional identity.” And he emphasizes two fundamental aspects of the mission: “To make Jesus Christ known and loved” and to help them to be “good Christians and virtuous citizens”, given that the mission of our Marist works is “to help children and young people to have an experience of humanity, faith and vocation.”

The text highlights the need to to develop spirituality and interiority as part of a transformative and contemporary educational model: ” In Marist formation programmes, the spiritual dimension plays a very important role and is intimately linked to our institutional identity. Our formation programmes respect the human person, foster solidarity, and create opportunities to experience a sense of transcendence.”

The document appreciates the actions already underway to live our Marist spirituality but considers that “We still need more space to ensure that the values of the Second Call of the General Chapter help us to live an in-depth, life-transforming spirituality (such as prophecy, mercy, fraternity, interiority, daily life, joy, inclusion, wholeness, witness, unity, etc.).

The message raises the importance of “continuing to continue to creatively renew and facilitate regular formation programmes on spirituality and interiority for faculty, students, children, young people, and staff “And remind each other, all Marists of Champagnat (brothers and laity), to be conscious and consistent in our way of living Marist spirituality.”

Through this 19th message, the International Commission calls all Marists to live the mission prophetically today and highlights that “We are an apostolic Institute. We seek to facilitate an encounter with God and with the Gospel, especially on the part of children and young people. We are convinced that this encounter is transformative and prophetic, meaningful and liberating.”

PDF: English | Español | Français | Português


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