2019-05-29 MALAYSIA

Spirituality, Laity, and Mission

On May 15-18, 2019, the three Asia Commissions on Spirituality, Laity, and Missions held their meeting at Port Dickson, Malaysia. The meeting objectives include the review of the progress of the actions taken in the previous planning, the intention of consolidating the initiatives of the different commissions and the identification of priorities to be carried out in the next Two years in reference to the Asia Ten-Year Strategic Plans.

Mr. Luca Olivari, consulent of the General Administration, facilitated a formation session on leadership and teamwork. His presence offered an advantage to the participants as he provided technical guidance in the process of fine-tuning the direction of Marist life and mission in Asia Region. Mr. Luca also presented realities of progress in other regions, offering examples of best practices which Asia Region may explore.

With the short term goals identified in each Commission and the areas of collaboration among commissions clearly delineated, Br. Ador Santiago, FMS, the East Asia Provincial and Chair of the Marist Asia Implementation Team, expressed his hopes for the action plans to be communicated to others and carried out as indicated  to ensure achieving the aim for Regional progress.


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