2021-10-14 ROMANIA

St Marcellin Champagnat Centre Bucharest celebrates its 15th anniversary

On 6 October, the Saint Marcellin Champagnat Centre in Bucharest celebrated its 15th anniversary. In this centre in Romania, part of the Iberian Province, the Marists work with children, adolescents and young people in vulnerable situations.

The Saint Marcellin Champagnat Centre was opened in 2006 with the aim of providing and guaranteeing, for an indefinite period, a permanent home, a family environment, educational support, personal development and professional training for children, adolescents and young people between the ages of 6 and 18. The main objective of this work is to offer and facilitate a quality education that leads to social integration; to form the integral personality, to promote human and Christian values of respect, solidarity, generosity and love for those around us. The programmes have a deep socio-educational character and have as their main focus the areas of Bucharest and Ilfov County.

The Association of Marist Brothers in Romania was founded after the initiators of a programme of social and formative intervention became aware of the concrete situation in the different nations of Eastern Europe. At the beginning it was a small reception centre, but over time it has become a residential area for children and young people in a state of abandonment or coming from fragile families who cannot take care of them.

The San Marcellin Champagnat di Bucarest centre consists of four houses where minors can live with dignity. Each house in the centre has a capacity for 8/9 minors. In the Marist centre, the aim is to provide the children with all the necessary elements for their biological, personal and intellectual development: food, clothing, school materials, health care, recreational activities, etc.

In these 15 years, the Marist Brothers of Romania, in the Province of Ibérica, have sown a future for each of the children living in the reception centre. More information on Marist activities in the country is available in this links.


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