2022-05-05 MEXICO

Students from the Marist University of Querétaro present ecological projects

With the objective of promoting care for the Earth, the Marist University of Querétaro promotes ecological projects, and as part of this program, some university students have presented their proposals for the development of eco-technologies using what is considered waste.

The projects presented were:
  1. “Green rooftop terrace, optimizing costs” with substrate from coconut husk, to counteract urban impact and recover green areas.
  2. “From electronic waste to Renewable Energy”, from electronic waste, cardboard and wood, the students build a photovoltaic cell.
  3. “Solar energy applied / solar cooker”, from cardboard, glass and aluminium to make a kitchenette that bakes, gratin, cooks and roasts food.
  4. “From the sky to the school” Rainwater collector to irrigate the school garden.
  5. “Eco fashion”. Preparation and repair of used clothing to give it a second chance.
  6. “Foam a Contaminant Anonymous” to raise awareness about the use of household and personal hygiene cleaners. They teach that foam is not synonymous with cleanliness and is a contaminant that depletes oxygen from the water.
  7. “Aquaponics”, as a sustainable food alternative. At the pilot level, it cleans the fish tank and maintains a refined cycle.

The activities promoted by the Marist University aim to develop environmental projects to efficiently take advantage of natural and material resources. And promote environmental education in the educational community on the sustainable use of natural resources and various materials for daily life.

Among its projects, the Marist University of Querétaro also has the “Marist Social Support Service” (SEMAAS), which promotes social assistance to the most vulnerable people and actions to create ecological awareness and care for the environment.


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