2023-09-28 GENERAL HOUSE

Take the opportunity to learn more about why and how to innovate in school

On October 18 at Champagnat Global Week, you will have the opportunity to talk live with  Xavier Aragay, expert specialist in the change of education through the accompaniment of disruptive innovation processes, through its own methodology, original and contrasted.
During the presentation you will also have new ideas about how to approach the transformation of the school today.

Some of the statements raised by Xavier Aragay are:

  • “Active and meaningful learning must be promoted”
  • “The purpose of education must be to form committed, conscious and caring citizens, and it must be in constant transformation”
  • “Educational innovation means a change of outlook towards the person and education”
  • “It is not enough to transmit knowledge and technical skills, it is necessary to develop people integrally”
  • “Artificial intelligence poses a series of challenges and risks that must be approached responsibly and ethically”

Find out more and register by visiting the Champagnat Global Week program.


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