2020-12-30 BRAZIL

Thanksgiving Mass for First Vows, Renewal of Vows and the Jubilee Brothers in Curitiba

The Province of Brasil Centro-Sul celebrated the vocation to the consecrated life and the commitment to the continuity of the Marist mission in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul with a Mass of thanksgiving on the 9th December 2020. The Eucharistic celebration took place in the Mother of Mercy Chapel of the Marist Memorial in Curitiba.

First religious vows

To confirm their elections, Brothers Bruno Marcondes, Carlos Henrique de Oliveira and Nathan da Costa Cardoso dos Santos professed their First Religious Vows. As symbols of consecration, the new brothers received the alliance, the constitutions of the Marist Brothers and the cross. The Provincial, Brother Benê de Oliveira, received the vows of the new brothers in the name of the Superior General: “I commend them to the mercy of God and to the protection of Mary, our Good Mother”, said the Superior.

Renewal of religious vows

Later, Br. Benê also celebrated the rite of Renewal of Religious Vows. Brothers Edicarlos Pereira Coelho and Rafael Reinaldo Rodrigues Fernandes renewed for one more year the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, in accordance with the Constitutions.

Jubilee Dates of the Consecrated Life

On the other hand, as a third part of the celebration of thanksgiving, the perseverance in the religious vocation was recognised, as well as the fidelity to God of Brothers Carlos Wielganczuk (70 years of consecrated life), Afonso Levis and Nilso Antonio Ronchi (both 60 years of religious life) and Jorge Gaio (25 years as a Marist Brother).

The 3 brothers who made their first profession

Br. Bruno was born on 6 April 1995 in the city of Ponta Grossa (PR). He came to know the Marist Congregation at the community school of Santa Monica. There he had the opportunity to study, work and participate in the meetings of the Marist Youth Ministry and the Happy Life programme.

Brother Carlos Henrique was born on 23 December 1982 in Jundiaí (SP). After a time of vocational interest, he came to know the Institute of the Marist Brothers in 2012, after watching a vocational video of UMBRASIL on the Internet. The choice for the Marist life came after a process of significant accompaniment carried out by Br. Dario Bortolini.

Br. Nathan was born on 19 October 1995 in the city of São Paulo (SP). He got to know the Marist Congregation through participation in the Marist Youth Ministry groups in 2010.  He was  accompanied in his vocation by Br. Luis Adriano Ribeiro of the community of Br. Lourenço, in São Paulo.



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