2024-05-15 KENYA

The African Mission Commission meets in Nairobi

The African Mission Commission held its first meeting for the current year in Nairobi, Kenya from 6th to 10th May, with the participation of the following Brothers: José Sánchez Bravo and Niño Pizarro (from the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization), Francis Jumbe (Southern Africa), Isaac Amponsah (West Africa), Paul Angulu (Nigeria), and Michel Longena (PACE). Due to unforeseen circumstances, there was no physical representation from the Province of Madagascar. The Vicar General, Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez was a special guest at the meeting.

Members of the Commission gave situation reports of their respective Provinces to have an overview of Marist life and mission in the Region. The reports included information on the composition of Provinces, governance structures, statistics on the number of Brothers, number of communities and schools, the main works and challenges faced in various Provinces.

The Commission also discussed progress made in the areas of Marist Youth Ministry (MYM) and Child Safeguarding as enshrined in the Regional Strategic Plan that runs up to 2025. The Commission reiterated its resolve to continue engaging Province and Country MYM coordinators, Marist School Headteachers/Principals and their Deputies, and all institutional staff with specific Child Safeguarding roles in order to ensure that all strategic goals are met.

The Directors of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization presented a summary of the recently concluded Marist International Mission Assembly (MIMA III), highlighting the 7 Priorities and Orientations as well as the possible Strategies for each Priority. As a way forward, the Commission will study each Priority in depth and identify those that resonate with the reality in the African Region and propose specific actions to take to bring home the message of MIMA III.

A considerable amount of time was dedicated to the training of members of the Commission on how to develop Prophetic Servant and Qualified Leadership in the Marist World. This component of the meeting was facilitated by Br Luis Carlos; the Vicar General. The training covered key areas such as the 7 most common leadership issues, Leadership Styles, the Ten Principles of Prophetic Servant Leadership and how this model of leadership fits in the African context. Apart from training members of the Commission, the Vicar General took the training to the community of Marist International University College (MIUC) where he challenged members of the community to embrace Prophetic Servant Leadership as a more effective form of service. The Vicar General has also lined up several training sessions with Provinces on the same topic of Prophetic Servant Leadership targeting more participants as a way of broadening the scope for increased outcomes.

The training has empowered members of the Commission with appropriate skills to enable them communicate Marist Vision and Mission to others and drive educational innovation in a fast-changing world. The training will enable members of the Commission and all those who will receive this type of training to use the Principles of Prophetic Servant Leadership to bring out the best in children, the youth and all those we work with in mission.

It is hoped that the practice of Prophetic Servant Leadership will also help advocate for a people-centered approach to leadership in a Region that faces numerous challenges in this area.


Brothers Paul Angulu and Michel Longena


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