2008-05-26 GENERAL HOUSE

The Brother Provincial Bursars of the region of Africa take part

From 5th to 10th May 2008 the International Council for Economic Affairs (CIAE) met in Rome. This Council consists of Brothers Alberto Oribe (Iberia), DarĂ­o Bortolini, (Brasil Centro-Sul), JoĂ«l Capon-Thiebaut, (LHermitage), Victor Preciado (Mexico occidental), Antonio MartĂ­nez Fernández (Econome General – Rome) and Guy Palandre (Rome). Also taking part in the meeting as specialists in investments were Brothers Yvon BĂ©dard (Canada) and Benedict Lo Balbo (USA).

The main reason for convoking the meeting is to help Brother Econome General with the application of the economic policies of the General Council with regard to the Provinces. During the meeting they studied topics concerning the financial reports of 2007, the budgets and forecasts for 2008, the financing of the General Administration in collaboration with the Provinces, the pension funds and other topics related to the General Administration.

Also taking part in the meeting on 9th and 10th of May 2008 were the Provincial Bursars from the region of Africa, Brothers Anthony Bridge (Aidan), South Africa, Francisco Baeza (Kiko), Central East Africa, Matthew Mary Ogudu and Basil Dominic Nwude, Nigeria, José Antonio Ruiz Abeijón, District of West Africa. These working sessions have made it possible to share the economic reality of each Province and to consolidate the relationship that the Provincial Bursars maintain with the General Administration.

The participants took advantage of this working meeting to enjoy the beauties of Rome and sample Italian cooking.

The International Council for Economic Affairs (CIAE) have planned to hold a meeting with the Provincial Bursars from Asia and the Pacific similar to the one held in Rome on this occasion.


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